Leo and The Lightning Dragons
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Sensory Ideas

Grassy Knoll

It's fun to make a sensory story

Here are some of our suggestions for bringing Leo and the Lightning Dragons to life.

Plasma balls are a wonderful way to show how the lightning dragons attack our brave knight.

Trying to find a ‘hiding place' by draping material over the child's head and whooshing it away. Even hands over eyes would work!

Lots of items make crackling noises. Our favourite way is to shake kitchen foil but you can use foil blankets, crinkly dog toys, salt shakers or rain makers.

You can see and hear the cauldron bubble simply by blowing bubbles in juice, water or milk through a straw! You can experiment with lots of different smells for the witches' potions, the stinkier the better!

Starry Cauldron

Use slime, putty, dough, or even just a simple bowl and spoon to ‘mix' your magic food.

See red by holding red tissue paper or red fabric over the child's eyes. Perhaps even pop on some red sunglasses or use red coloured fairy lights.

When dragons flee, they run and fly! Tapping your hands on a desk or on your legs for big dragon feet or waft paper or a fan for wide dragon wings!

Celebrate Leo becoming king by blowing trumpets! Use a kazoo or make your own with a comb and tissue paper!

And don't forget the cuddles!